Greetings to all and we hope that it was a real Merry Christmas for all visitors and readers.In today‘s environment of competition, one needs to stay updated about latest courses and career options to be a successful professional. That was the purpose for which CollegeKhabar was launched. Now CollegeKhabar is all set to keep you updated about placements, jobs and many other important things.

In the year 2013 ,  we have a new gift for all those who find College Khabar useful.
We hope you will  like the revamped look. We are launching a new version our website and there will new sections like called Placement Khabar, Company Profiles, Jobs section , Quizzes, User Profile and much more.

College gives education but the education you have received has to be applied in a job. That
is why, it is important to keep knowledge of job market. The new version of our website will also have a section that would help you in keeping abreast of all events related to placements or campus selections.

CollegeKhabar 2.0
CollegeKhabar 2.0

In CollegeKhabar Version 2.0 , you will enjoy various new features. You must be excited to know more about this. Just wait for fee more days and you will have helping hand to plan a career and a bright future.

Here is quick overview of few features:


Question and Answers: People seek answers to their questions usually from other people who have been in similar dilemmas or situations. A new section question and answers will be dedicated for that . The queries posted by students will be answered within a short time.

College Page : To choose the right college in terms of fees, courses and timings, one needs
to have the knowledge of all colleges that offer the course of his/her choice. Thus, on the new version of website, not only there will be list of all colleges, there will also be pages dedicated to college and all important information about one college will available on a single page.

Placement News: For all latest news and reviews about college, CollegeKhabar will remain the website you need to visit.

Company Page:  A detailed dedicated page for company details which will cover interview experience , company salary details at various levels and company review by employees working in that company.

Quizzes : There are many prizes waiting to be won by you and on regular basis you will be given a chance to win them by participating in quiz and win prizes.

Events : Posting of events is made much smoother for the users. Other tabs likes deadlines should be handy for the participating students. Here is a sneak  preview


CollegeKhabar 2.0 Events
CollegeKhabar 2.0 Events

So what are your expectations with the upcoming version of CollegeKhabar?

Tell us by posting comments and we will certainly try to meet at either at launch or shortly after smoothing the launch.

So just wait for the new version of College Khabar and we wish you a very Happy and
Prosperous New Year.