This Admission Season – GO hatke!



While Boards exams are going round the corner, every Class 12 engineering aspirant and not to forget the “n” important (:P) relatives surrounding him/her jostle with 100 different opinions about “every college”! Hence n*100 opinions for 1 college …

IIT Ranking 2012  - NIT Ranking 2012


Oh wait! We just forgot to count the “aspirant”!So yes (n+1)*100 opinions for one college. Umm ..every year we have some 100 news colleges coming up apart from the existing thousand colleges, sums up to millions of seats! While we may know which one’s are good but we may not know which one is HOW GOOD for a PARTICULAR & INVIDUALLY CHOSEN PARAMETER. If we even need to approximate the rate of confusion, we are so sure that a calculator or even computer would run short of digits! :O


From the problem of “too few” ( in the olden days)  to the problem of plenty, zeroing in on a right college is a quite a difficult task !

The Why’s  & What’s of College Ranking  !!!!!

In short it’s something jeweled to people – yes we aren’t using the term “student” here, Because apart from them , it’s for colleges to know what they need to improve and where they stand in the pecking order. For recruiters & HR managers

We don’t want you to drown in statistics but then again the fact is that there are several rankings published by big market research firms and magazines. The next very obvious question would be —


IIT and NIT Ranking 2012

:P We are no mind readers anyway coming back, we’d provide you with two reasons enclosing the universe!

1) Based on our secondary research, we conclude with the fact that students place “placement” as criteria way ahead than any other parameter

2) We tried linking perception/opinions of Alumni or current students with this ranking. Who better can tell you about an institute way better than the students themselves??

So we promise you the main part of our survey merges the two!

How it WORKS???


Colleges Ranking Engineering  2012


1: College list

Ranking Engineering Colleges IIT and NIT

  • A list of leading Engineering Colleges of India are selected on the basis on their placement record, popularity and also invited nominations from student community if they think any important college is missing from the list and based on numerous nominations received initial list was re-visited.
  • College administration also has an option if they wanted to opt out from the ranking.
  • The final list of colleges after the completion of nomination on 13th March 2012 is made live on the College Khabar website.



Top Colleges of Engineering India 2012

We live in a democratic republic, where it’s the people’s power! Ranking can only be effective if it is done by the people who are most affected by it.

To secure that the votes we receive are not fake and that the people voting are already authenticated, we allow only FACEBOOK LOGIN (In simple words makes life EASIER FOR US)


 3:Calculation of Votes

Whoah! This sure did trigger our grey cells !! The challenge here was to map how many points should be allotted each time a college is voted over another college. We wanted to choose with the best method and settled with“Elo Rating System”


Before coming out with the final ranking data cleansing is carried out. We understand the importance of your trust on our ranking.

Automatic and Manual methods are adopted to iron out spurious survey responses, cover unusual similarities. complex algorithms are used for the same. And special attention is given to validate multiple responses from single IP Address! Yeah! Now you know this is THAT important for us TOO!!!


Second phase carry focus on group interviews, industry expert opinion, data from other reputed rankings and analysis of placement records of the listed institutes. Major chunk of the pie goes to Opinion Poll/Survey and placement records for the institute.

So login & VOTE !!!!!!! For others you know what you get! *Evil grin*

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    kya kar rakha hai yeh…………nitp 36 ke layak hai kya??phir se assesment karo…..kisi deen ka nahi hai

  • college

    Thanks for sharing. Do we have state wise ranking for pharma colleges.?