Internship – Is it just to add some point to your resume   ?


We believe that no organisation can function without interns.We take our internship programme very seriously and some of the best work that has happened in our company has been done by Interns and also they are also the ones who do all the jobs which no one else wants to. Work can be anything from creating a post to data collection , Social media marketing , SEO etc.



One month is too little a time period, come for 3 or 4 months or even more. The candidate will work remotely from the place of his choice (home/hostel) Will need a computer with an internet connection and a phone.

Be able to synch-up daily with us by email & phone.

Familiarity with or willingness to learn and work with the following:

  • Lots of enthusiasm to learn.
  • Quick learner and self starter.
  • Preference will be given to students who has worked on college website/avid blogger/ fest website/knowledge of Photoshop etc, though it not a mandatory criteria.
  • Eager to learn new tools.

What does College Khabar Internship promise?

  • Learning experience and a certificate on completion of the internship.
  • Opportunities to be part of the paid writing and editorial team at CollegeKhabar.
  • Platform to connect with eminent education journalists and seasoned writers, receive expert feedback.
  • Chance to interact with wider student community.
  • Stipend for the project  - On completion of internship period an appreciation token.


How does the Intenrship Program Work?

  • Each intern will have a mentor assigned to him/her.
  • The interns will then be given specific assignments by the mentor assigned to him/her.
  • For one  month internee will be on probation and will be confirmed based on the recommendation by his/her mentor.
  • During probation internee will be working as a shadow resource and will get regular feedback of his/her work from the mentor. One confirmed, internee will be assigned an interdependent project and he will be working on it.
  • The interns’ progress will be constantly monitored and reviewed by mentor and he/she  will get regular feedback on his/her strengths and weaknesses.

We accept interns of all shapes and sizes in all departments be it design,marketing,ecommerce,events etc . Some of the area where we are currently having openings are :

  • Online Marketing - Viral Marketing through Marketing through Facebook, Twitter and Blog
  • Editorial Intern : Writing and editing posts and other web Updates.
  • Content Management : Answering  queries and administrating  other content related updates.

If you are enthusaistic and can work long hours get in touch at