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BITS Pilani Hyderabad

Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani - Hyderabad Campus is a technical and science institute for higher education in Jawaharnagar Village, Shamirpet, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. It offers undergraduate and graduate programs in engineering, physical sciences, mathematics an... read more

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Andhra Pradesh
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  • Hostel: The Institute is fully residential and hostel accommodation is provided to all students. There are six hostels for boys and two hostels for girls. There are two common kitchen cum mess units for all students. The mess serves vegetarian and non-vegetarian food and the units operates under the management of 5 member student mess council. Students staying in the hostel have to necessarily take their food in the Hostel Messes. Every inmate of the hostel is provided with basic amenities like cot, table, chair, ceiling fan, cupboard. Each hostel is equipped with solar water heating systems. Common room facilities with Cable TV and telephone are available in each hostel. Internet connectivity has been provided in all hostel rooms.
  • Sports: Currently, the institute has facilities for football,fooseball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, carroms, badminton (indoor court) ,tennis (synthetic court) and throw-ball (for girls). A well-equipped gym is also operational, that can handle 70-80 students at a time. A separate cricket ground is under preparation. Other recreational facilities like separate gym for girls, painting club, music club etc., are available in the Student Activity Center(SAC).
  • Healthcare: A medical center has started functioning, and is providing medical facilities for students and staff around-the-clock. Two male doctors along with compounder cum lab-technician and a sister reside on campus, for any consultation. The medical center has an ECG machine and facility to check the blood sugar. Some basic equipment is available and shortly many more facilities will be added. The medical center has arrangements with Medicity Hospital, Medchal, for any emergency situations.
  • Communications: Telephones: Faculty chambers and houses are equipped with IP phones with local, and STD facilities. Calls on these phones can be made using the Intranet (campus LAN). Tata PRI lines are being used for connecting these IP Phones to external world. The voice solution has two gateways or call managers from Avaya that supports redundancy at the gateway level. It also runs a call billing software that generates reports on individual usage. Each hostel common room has also an IP Phone for receiving calls from outside. Internet, Email and Web: Institute has 6 IBM Blade servers for the purpose of Email, Web, and DNS. Also, a SAN box is available for the backup operations. The campus LAN is built by using three tire architecture i.e. core, distribution, and access. CISCO switches are being used for building the campus LAN to connect eight hostels of around 2600 rooms, 130 staff quarters, lecture theatre complex, administrative block, and four academic blocks spreading across 200 acres of land. 10G Fiber backbone is used to connect end systems in a three tire architecture. Presently the Institute has 90 Mbps leased line from Tata Teleservices and Reliance Communications for internet conectivity. A web server ( is hosted using Apache, Linux, php, and MySql that contains various institute related information. The LAN is connected to the Internet via a CISCO router. A Fortigate 1000A also is used to ensure protection from spam, URL filtering, and antivirus.
  • Orientation: At the time of admission of Freshmen, the Institute organize an orientation programme in order to familiarize the new students with the highlights of the Academic Programmes at BITS and to give them an idea about their campus-life and co-curricular activities. The Vice Chancellor and senior faculty members meet the parents of Freshmen at an interaction session organized at the time of admission. Faculty members act as Advisors and Mentors for groups of students to guide them in the registration process, and encourage them to discuss any matter-academic and non-academic with them during their stay at BITS. Students can also approach their wardens for any help or guidance related to academic or personal matters. hostels have Resident and Non-resident Wardens drawn from the faculty. In addition, there are Hostel Superintendents to assist the Wardens in matters related to the upkeep of the hostels and attending to the needs of the students.
  • Shopping Complex & Bank: A shopping complex of 15,000 s.ft has been built and is open to cater to the shopping needs of the students and faculty.The facilities provided at the shopping complex are: Bank(SBH) and ATM The Book Syndicate MORE Super market Restaurant Bakery Beauty parlour for men and women separately Tele Communications shoppy Medical Shop Juice Corner Fruits and Vegetables Launderer Dairy Parlour and Stationery Tailoring and Fancy Shop
  • Library Facility: Books are depositories of knowledge and hold a place of pride in every educational institution. The library in the Hyderabad Campus is a new building spread over 45,000 sq. ft and two floors and a seating capacity of over 400. The library has a collection of 20000+ books and subscribes to over 115 Indian and 60 foreign periodicals. Students can have access to over 3500+ e journals. We subscribe to 24x7 e- books database where students and faculty members can have access to over 15000+ e books.
  • Laboratories: BITS-Pilani, Hyderabad Campus has established an advanced research laboratory for pharmacy, chemistry and biology. Measurement techniques lab in biology, chemistry, physics, and microbiology lab are currently being established. During the second year of operation, labs such as central analytical lab, physics research lab, pharma analysis lab, computer aided drug design (CADD) lab, VLSI CAD lab, and EEE practice lab are being setup. All other labs in civil, chemical, electrical, electronics,mechanical engineering will be operational soon. A 20-seat computer based language lab will be set up to strengthen the students communication skills.
  • Computer center: The computing facilities currently available for both students and faculty at Information Processing Center Unit are as below: Servers: IBM eServer BladeCentre with SAN running Windows 2003 Enterprise edition and Linux with servers like Microsoft exchange for eMail, Apache for Web, Redhat Enterprise Compute server, and ftp servers. Workstations: IPC has 60 Lenovo thinkcentre Workstations in IPC Terminal Room 1 with additional graphics card running Windows XP and Redhat Linux 5.0. All the workstations are on the network and can connect to any of the compute servers. The workstations are located in IPC Terminal Room 1. The development tools available are: TC Plus, Jdk 1.3, Visual Studio 2008, Compilers (gcc/g++ & Suns JDK), Script Interpreters (Tcl/Tk, Perl 5.0, gawk). Other development tools include (GNU Assemblers, flex, flex++, X-Development tools), and graphical viewers (gsview, gimp, X-fig, xpdf, xdvi). PCs: IPC has around 200 Lenovo thinkcentre PCs (E4600 and E7400) in the IPC Terminal Room 2, 3, and 4 running Windows XP and Enterprise Linux with development tools like AutoCAD 2010 Inventor Professional, AutoCAD Revit Structures, AutoCAD Revit Architecture, AutoCAD Map 3D, AutoCAD Electrical, Visual Studio 2008, Jdk 1.3, TC Plus, SQL Server 2008, and McAfee Antivirus. All users can work on Unix/Linux or Windows XP environments, subject to the availability of workstations at any point of time. All these above computers are connected to uninterrupted power supply for safe operations. The Centre operates from 9.00am to 8.00pm on all days including Saturday and Sunday. With these computing facilities, laboratory work for courses like Engineering Graphics, English Language Communication, and Computer Programming I, Computer Programming II, Electrical Science, and VLSI Design are being conducted. The centre is also being used by the students for their Internet usage across the disciplines. The center also manages the voice solution for the complete campus.
  • Workshop: The workshop at BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus provides students with the opportunity to get hands-on training in basic manufacturing processes. Machines like lathe, shaper, grinding, milling, drilling and facilities for welding, fitting, carpentry, foundry-work, smithy-work, sheet metal-work, metrology and electroplating are provided. Each section is headed by qualified technical instructors.