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Delhi Technological University (DTU/ DCE), Delhi

Delhi Technological University (DTU), Delhi established in 1941 to cater the needs of Indian industries for trained technical manpower with practical experience and sound theoretical knowledge. DTU to be a leading world class technology university playing its role as a key node in national and... read more

Delhi Technological University (DTU/ DCE), Delhi - admission, placement, jobs in india


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  • Library: Book Bank
  • Gymnasium: Modern and Well eqipped
  • Health Center: Dispensary
  • Wi-Fi & Wi-Max Connectivity: Internet 24 x7 everywhere
  • Shopping Plaza: All shopping needs
  • Bank: ATM
  • Knowledge Park: Delhi has all the opportunities to be developed as major knowledge hub in the country with its deep rooted tradition of quality education and research in science and technology. The present Concept Paper provides the broad framework for development of Delhi as a major knowledge hub in India. The university together with its knowledge infrastructure significantly contributes to the development of knowledge enterprises. The knowledge hub has state-of-the art connectivity and is networked with industries and R&D institutions. National and global networking is a part of the knowledge hub operational strategy. The focus of the knowledge hub is on the development of world-class human capital in the knowledge intensive areas of science and technology relevant to knowledge industry and knowledge based services in addition to the growth of world class relevant research and development. A knowledge hub is thus, the nucleus of both the cultivation of new knowledge as well as the Centre for Transformation of Knowledge into Prosperity through knowledge enterprise development. The knowledge hub thrives on its strength of scaling the new and emerging areas of technology and on its capabilities of integrating science and technology together for propelling the growth of knowledge industry. In this regard it is proposed to identify the following areas of interest for the Knowledge Park. Energy Sector, Telecom Sector, lnfrastructure Engineering Sector, Information Technology Sector and Bio-and Nano- Technology Sector. DCE is in the process of organizing corporate meet with the above corporate people from different five sectors to get conceptual idea for the construction of Knowledge Park in DCE & its day to day functioning.
  • Bio Diesel Laboratory: Biodiesel is a renewable fuel which is produced from vegetable oil or animal fat through a chemical process and can be used as either direct substitute, extender or as an additve to fossil diesel fuel in compresion ignition engines. The most promising feature of biodiesel is that it can be utilized in existing design of diesel engine with no or very little modifications. It has positive energy balance and it is enviornmtally benign.
  • Library: Libraries are backbone of any civilized society and heart of any academic institution. Thus the library at Delhi College of Engineering also acquires a prominent place among the students and faculty. Situated in a three storied centrally air-conditioned Building spread over an area of 5000 square meters, it is a central place for academic and research activities. The library has a well equipped conference hall with the seating capacity of 150 for academic discussions and reading rooms for 300 users. The Library has a very rich collection of relevant books and journals. The total collection of the library is more than 107136 in main library, 41054 in General Books bank, 9057 in SCP Book Bank and 2681 received through donation. The library services at Delhi College of Engineering are provided to students, staff & faculty members for updating their knowledge and supporting the research and teaching / learning activities These services are provided through the central library and departmental libraries. Keeping in view the fast changes in technology, the knowledge base of the library is updated regularly by way of adding new literature in the form of text books, reference books, reports, proceedings, abstracts & indexes, encyclopedias, data books, standards (National & International) Journals & database on CD-ROM. Apart from adding the new literature, the basic literature is also procured for the new programmes along with current one. Some new section and services are also being started to make the library services of ISO 9001 standard.
  • Computer Center: DCE has a well equipped centralized computer center to cater to the needs of high profile students and faculty in the college. It is housed, in a magnificent state-of-the-art building having specialized laboratories to provide variety of platforms and computing environment for UG, PG and research students. The center possesses a number of servers and over 150 Compaq Pentium-IV computer systems. In addition the center has 5 SUN CAD workstations meant for use by UG/PG/PhD students for their projects and research work. The center is fully networked through high-end intelligent CISCO switch, and possesses round the clock 2 Mbps leased line, ISDN and a 4 Mbps leased line in a different pipe for the Wi-Fi connectivity for the academic, administrative and hostel blocks of the campus, with internet facilities on all the nodes. It also has the latest versions of compilers, scientific, technical and engineering software, training kits etc. for the students of different branches of engineering. Computer programming is an integral part of BE/ME/M.Sc/PhD programs. Besides computer center is also used for conduct of short term training programs for staff and faculty. Further computer center houses the Microsoft MSDN Academy with licensed Microsoft softwares made available to all the faculty and students. DCE is also the nodal academy for information storage and management solutions through its DCE-EMC Academy that conducts training programs at the department of Computer center for faculty of all the engineering institutions in North India twice every year.
  • Gymnasium: Delhi College of Engineering has an ultra-modern gymnasium with high-tech equipment. The gymnasium has been refurbished recently and new equippment like digital electronic treadmills have been added to the impressive setup.
  • Health Center: Delhi College of Engineering has a full-fledged 20 bed hospital block. Services of two medical practitioners are available to the students throughout day and evening. The college invites specialized medical practitioners for ENT, eye, dental care, nutrition experts once a week.
  • Guest House: The guest house within the campus is meant for the staying purpose of individuals visiting Delhi College of Engineering. The rooms are comfortable with all modern facilities available within.
  • Banking and Mail: The State Bank of India (SBI) has a branch within the college campus to cater to banking requirement of the students. All the banking transactions are carried out within the branch itself.The bank has also provided Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) service within the campus for the benefit of the DCE community.The Indian Post has its office within the campus to cater to the mail related needs of the DCE community.