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IFIM Business School, Bangalore

IFIM Business School, Bangalore was founded in the year 1995 with its first batch of students graduating in 1997. Over the years it has grown to be amongst the top ranked business schools in India. In recent tim... read more

IFIM Business School, Bangalore - admission, placement, jobs in india


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  • Housing and Meals: The hostel is located on a lush 2 acre campus and is located within 2 kms radius from the campus. Transportation to and from the hostel is available at the campus. The hostel campus is completely wi-fi enabled and has well equipped single / double occupancy rooms, made available on first come first serve basis. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and tea are served on the hostel campus. Students interested in availing the hostel facilities may indicate so during the time of admissions.
  • Computer Facilities: IFIM Business School has always believed that information technology forms an integral part of management. Students on campus are equipped with a state-of-the-art infrastructure, which enables him/her to connect to the digital nervous- make it nerve system of the IFIM Business School knowledge base. The WiFi infrastructure ensures that each stakeholder on campus is able to connect to our digital nervous- make it nerve system from anywhere.
  • Library: The library subscribes to over 80 journals/periodicals, contains over 8,000 books and has an extensive collection of reports and projects. Remove and add The Library on campus is spread over 3,000 sq ft with 11080 relevant books, 381 bound volumes, 400 A/V Resources, 118 Journals (Print), 5000+ E- Journals, 18000+ E-Dissertation, 4500 E-Annual reports and 11 News papers. The library information system contains the record of all books and journals. Faculty and students can access the online journals - current as well as retrospective - through the electronic database.
  • Healthcare: Students at IFIM are taken good care of with respect to healthcare. Both the college and the hostel campus have a doctor on call 24/7 and are equipped to take the student suffering from medical emergency to the nearest located hospital for further treatment required, if any.