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Accenture Interview Experience - Bangalore - Dec 2012

29th Aug 2013
Company: Accenture
Graduate Engineer Trainee (GET)


1. Online Test

2. Tech HR

3. Personal HR

1. Online test

It was conducted by "amcat " The question were mainly from LOGARITHMS, PROFIT OR LOSS , PERCENTAGE , SIMPLIFICATION & PROBABILTY . Please do read these topics in detail . Out of 3200 students only 276 got selected for the technical hr .

2. Tech HR

In this thy most ask about project and topics related to your project . Please be careful its also an elimination round . Do maintain positive attitude in this round .

3. Personal HR

Once you are through with the tech hr . you are almost sure that you will get selected . In this round thy will mainly ask about Accenture and some general questions like tell about yourself (blah blah ).

Finally 150+ got selected and am one of them .. hope this will be useful for all of you ..see you soon @Accenture.


There were three rounds in the placement process

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