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Accenture Interview Experience - Chennai - Feb 2013

29th Aug 2013
Company: Accenture
Graduate Engineer Trainee (GET)


1. Aptitude test (Logical,quants and verbal).

2. Technical interview.

3. HR interview.

In the Aptitude test have been conducted by three slots..i was been at 2nd slot at 12.30 we were complete the 1st round. There was first profile filling page. then 3 sections has separate timings for each.

a) English:

Spotting errors, Choose appropriate words, Syn antonyms and 2 reading comprehension..(24 ques-25 mins).


Time and dist, Time and work, Boats and streams, Logarthims, Probability and So.

c)Logical (24 ques-35 mins):

There was linear arrangement, blood relation, Inequality, etc.

Attend all the questions then only they can decide our marks correctly by amcat team.

I have attended all the ques whether I know or not..I can solve logical probs very easily and then quants easy but verbal is difficult for me.

I think there was no sectional cut off. I was selected they announced the results at 2.00pm...then the tech round was based on our resume only they asking ques..I have completed CCNA certification so they were asked me ques from Networking so I can answer the ques..then they asked ques from DBMS but I dinn't revise DBMS so I said sorry sir..I forgot DBMS. Then interviewer told that's bad how can I tell like this I forgot nu..then they asked me another Networking related ques.

Then finally he told to write Fibonacci series program..I done successfully he told to explain i explained..Then He said ..ya that's it..Go and wait for the next round results.

In 5 mins they called my name for 3 rd round. I have attended. He asked me how you performed on prev round? I said ya oki..Ok..Then he asked me what are the ques I want to ask to you? I said, About myself and About project..but he didn't ask the two ques... Tell about family members then can you flexible to work in night shifts? I said Yes sir...then about relocate also he asked me..I said no problem can manage any where in India..Ok and he said him name and do you have any ques?? i said no sir.

ok wait.

Then we waited in the auditorium for around 2 and half hours...At 7 they gave me the Offer letter...I was excited... My name also there...I got an offer letter..I have to say Thanks to God..Really Amazing day..Amazing experience i crossed..Now I'm accy employee....Thank God...And I want to say one thing to you friends, Be bold to face the interviewer don't get afraid of them..In accy they were really friendly..I had an good opportunity to grow in my career.

My belief is"Human beings can make any plans they want, but it's God that decides their success or failure." Thank god.!


There was 3 interview Rounds

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