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Accenture Interview Experience - Nagpur - Sep 2012

29th Aug 2013
Company: Accenture
Software Engineer


The eligibility criteria for Nagpur, Maharashtra(all cities) is >55% aggregate, no live backlogs. And, in our college, S.R.C.O.E.M. all branches were eligible and those students with 65% aggregate constant since 10th were recognized as the "high-performance" group, and they didn't have to go through the aptitude test and were selected for one final interview, which consisted of both TI and PI questions.

Those who were not in the 65%+ category were required to give an aptitude test, conducted by 'Merittrac'. I was in the below 65% category, so i gave the aptitude test.

The test was conducted online and was for 60mins, consisting of 55 questions, no negative marking.

It had three sections, English, analytic abilities and attention to detail.

The english comprehension was very high level, and required you to read each and every line in order to answer the questions related. I didn't attempt all the questions as it was taking a lot of time. Then there were some questions on finding the nearest meaning word to the one highlighted in the sentence given, some on fill in the blanks, which all were very simple.

The analytic section had no questions on profit & loss or HCF LCM or allegations mixtures, or trains, or clock, or work and time, nothing at all.

There were 1 or 2 questions on venn-diagram and relationships.

around 10 questions were very very difficult rest were attempt-able.

Attention to detail section was very easy but time consuming.

The aptitude was on 3rd Sept and result was announced on the same evening. Out of ~370 students, 140 cleared it, i cleared it too.

The interviews were scheduled for the next day.

First was TI, which was an elimination round. Many were rejected. Technical was basically on C and C++ with questions such as:

what are arrays, pointers, overloading, diff b/w c and c++, sorting techniques, swapping numbers, diff b/w compiler and interpreter and some difficult ones too.

After clearing IT, immediately i was sent for PI, where they asked the same old questions like:

Introduce yourself in 30secs, why should we hire you, 2 strengths, 2 weaknesses, they also asked me to draw the accenture logo, which is 'accenture' with a '>' on top of 't' and "High Performance.Delivered." written below it. Then he said "if you want us to employ you, you will have to leave nagpur." always reply in the positive for such questions.


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