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Accenture Interview Experience - SU Chennai - Sep 2012

29th Aug 2013
Company: Accenture
Software Engineer


There were 3 rounds

1) Aptitude

2) Technical interview

3) HR


totally 900 students appeared for the test and finally 90 got selected...

Technical Interview: 60 got selected

HR interview:

50 got selected..

Aptitude round was an online test and it consists of 3 sections

25 questions-english (antionym synonym, 2 passages , preposition )

25 question maths-(RS aggarwal is more than enough.. do study numbers and logarithm, painted cube problem,venn diagram )

25 questions logical(no need to refer any book... jst study syllogisms)

technical round:

Hr: hi xyz .. tell me about yourself

me: told

HR:wat are your favourite subjects

me: c , java

HR: wat are packages

me: told

HR: is it same as that of #include<stdio.h>


HR:why we use include keyword in c and import in java

me: i was not sure but told something

HR: advised me to be sure in the basic concepts.. and again asked favourite subject

me: c

hr : write a pgm to take the name from user and print

me: wrote

hr: write pgm fr factorial of number

me: told

hr: ok xyz..

after 5 mins they called for HR round.. (so be prepared for evrything.. nd dont leave for last minute.. especially there 6 values, abt accenture,)

hr: tell me about yourself

me: told

HR: so wats new in information technology

me: told

HR: tell me about cloud computing

ME: told

HR: where u see yourself after 5 years

ME: as a senior software engg in accenture

hr: ready to work in any part of country, night shift,any technology

(this was the indication that i m selected)

me: yes mam ,, accenture is my dream company ..

personal advice: study hard for aptitude test.. if u clear aptitude you can easily clear other 2 rounds, must do your homework about accenture..., if u dunno about accenture core values and all .. they will rejecyt you for sure..

if u dunno anything jst tell them frankly u dunno..

for technicall interview .. jst know the basics.. and practice the basic pgms like

1) factorial of number

2) armstrong numb

3) perfect number

4) pointers

5) fibonacci series

6) prime no

7) even , odd number

8) a power 4


10reverse of string (with and witot string reveerse)

11) swapping (with and witot temperory variable)

12) taking in[put and printing string

13) sorting an array

14) reverse a number

for IT, COmputer guys.. learn properly any 2 of "c, c++,java".. atleast basic definions with 1 pgm each

and plz know the meaning of each and every word used in prgm ..

learn dbms queries(atleast till constaraints), primary key, not null , unique, default, check constraint, types of join ...


osi layer.. with function of each layer.. nd in which form data is stored in each layer,,

and name of the intermediate layer ....

data structures.. definition of linked list, double , circular linked list, stack, queue,

sorting question,


All the best guys!

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