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Effervescence MMXV - Oct 15 2015 - Oct 18 2015

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Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad

  • Intended For: Undergrad Level
  • Location:Uttar Pradesh
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Effervescence is the annual cultural-cum-management festival of IIIT, Allahabad. This year, Effervescence'15, a fun-filled extravaganza of epic proportions, is scheduled to be held from 15th-18th October.
Four magical days provide the platform for a vibrant showcase of talent and artistry. Proof of Effervescence's popularity and outreach can be seen by the crowd it entices to the campus year after year – a footfall of 10k-15k. This, with the fact that most of the horde at the fest is in the 18-24 age-group is convincing proof of its acclamation among youth.
The crowd that heads over to unwind and enjoy the feverish fun-fest is filled with students from the premier institutions of India, such as the IITs, IIMs, IIITs, and NITs. Online events are even more prominent, attracting participants from as many as 16 countries.

A mind-boggling collection of enchanting events and entertaining acts await you from the 15th to 18th of October. Brace yourselves for the onslaught of fun and revelry because EFFE'15 is going to sweep you of your feet! So, book your tickets to IIIT Allahabad for 'Effervescence - The Motion Picture'

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