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AARUUSH 13 - Sep 18 2013 - Sep 21 2013

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Seek and you shall find, when you feel everything is lost, innovation will guide you through".

Taking cue from these words by our former President, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, SRM University’s National Level Techno-Management Fest, Aaruush quenches our thirst for innovative prerogatives.

Since its inception in the year 2007, this brainchild of four final year students has sought to provide a platform where students can showcase a fine blend of imagination and technical dexterity. Aaruush continues to delve into unexplored avenues, leading us to do things in ways that are truly unique and exciting.

With each passing year, Aaruush has evolved into a phenomenon that stands true to its mantra of “invent, innovate and inspire.” Themes have proven to be a unique amalgamation of technology, management and societal issues. Along with associating itself with various causes, Aaruush has pioneered a change not only in ideas, but also in mindset, making innovation an intrinsic part of life.

SRM Universities National Level Techno-Management Fest AARUUSH quenches our thirst for innovative prerogatives Since its inception in 2007 this brainchild of four graduating students has been a platform where students can showcase a fine blend of imagination and technical dexterity Continuing to delve into unexplored avenues Aaruush has pioneered a change not only in ideas but also in mindset A unique amalgamation of technology management and societal issues the theme each year has made innovation an intrinsic part of life.

Aaruush towards infinity provides scope and vastness that befits the nation’s one of the biggest techno-management extravaganza. Starting from the very basic ‘Formula 0 igniting the nascent minds with the ‘spark’ of inquisitiveness to explore beyond the rigid mental horizons; discovering not only unexplored avenues but also a new spirit to revisit what we already adhere to and stride forward to conquer the dreaded unknown without inhibitions of weakness or meekness; like the first rays of the glorious sun that drives out the dark ruthlessly.

Simply put, we intend to revisit our basics, using it as a springboard to discover our true potential while breaking boundaries that society has created for itself and in turn for us. This would be our effort to create the right atmosphere, wherein students come forward and explore their infinitely creative ideas and ensure inclusive, balanced growth for our country.

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