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Aakash Developer Contest by IIT Bombay - Jan 20 2013 - Mar 17 2013

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Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

  • Intended For: Undergrad Level,Grad Level,Postgrad Level,Non-students
  • Location:Maharashtra
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IIT Bombay has recently launched an app development competition in a bid to create a developer community around Aakash Tablets. This developer contest aims at developing useful Open Source applications and content on Android / Linux for use by students on Aakash.

To push interest in the developer community, IIT-B has announced cash prizes of Rs. 50,000 for winner followed by Rs. 25,000 and Rs. 10,000 for 2nd and 3rd places.

  • Last date for submission: 17th March 2013 (submission/upload link will be made available from 10th to 17th March)
  • There is no registration fee or any special procedure to be followed, one can directly submit a project on the above mentioned dates (more on this will be notified later on the web page - please keep visiting it often)
  • Number of prizes: If there are a large number submissions, we will have several parallel tracks, and give prizes for each track separately
  • Announcement of results/winners: Depends on number of projects, in any case on or before 10th April 2013
  • Who can apply?: Anyone can apply
  • Team size: Maximum three members in a team - one person team is also acceptable
  • What we expect: A useful idea that will make Aakash more useful to the public
  • State of project: Must be complete at the time of submission with all source code under GPLv3 or Free BSD License
  • Mode of submission: A apk file for Android & a deb file for GNU/Linux. Also a link to project source code and binary (should be hosted on Github,bitbucket or any public code hosting site)
  • Mode of contact: We will be available on forums, post your doubts and queries there so that everyone will be benefited
How to enter the Aakash Developer Contest
  1. Visit Aakash Labs website at and read more details on the contest.
  2. IIT-B has created a Github instance where Android and Linux developers can upload their developed applications.
  3. All applications developed need to be based on Open Source License
  4. The applications developed should be broadly come under educational category and should help students for furthering their education

Mode of evaluation

  • A team will first review you app and its usefulness
  • Another team will test your app


IIT Bombay has several groups which work across disciplines, to address many hard research problems. Additionally, we have research teams focused on tackling many important problems for many national projects under NMEICT. Some of these are: ‘Talk to a teacher’ project, which includes ‘teach 1000 teachers’ programs, spoken tutorials, e-Yantra systems, virtual labs, educational animations, Free and Open Source software for Science and Engineering (FOSSEE), development of design contents, pedagogy for education using ICT, etc. Aakash project will coherently synergize all these efforts, to make the tablet an integral part of all the deliverables.

Our initial efforts have already led to success in porting some key applications such as: use of digital video content developed using the ProxyMITY tool and spoken tutorials, ‘Clicker’ classroom response system, controlling an educational Robot using Aakash, and basic programming environment for Aakash permitting programming in C, C++, Python, and Scilab.

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