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Aakriti 2013 by Canara Engineering College - Feb 22 2013 - Feb 23 2013

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Canara Engineering College, Mangalore

  • Location:Karnataka
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Aakriti-13 is open for all UG/PG students.


Canara engineering college proudly presents you the spectacular and magnificent Techno-cultural fest… Aakriti 13. Aakriti celebrates the spirit of participation and accomplishments in all its forms. In Sanskrit, Aakriti stands for shape or form. With Aakriti our aim is to bring out the feelings of fraternity among today’s youth. We, the Aakriti fraternity hope to achieve this by having hundreds of talented, artistic and energetic students taking part in the fun-filled and action-packed events encompassing both traditional and contemporary forms. Aakriti is a showdown of creative talent in a cornucopia of artistic, literary, technical and cultural events. The dance events – be it classical, western or folk is clearly the scene stealers. The indoor events like poster making, collage, face painting, sketching and rangoli calls for creativity in expression and add color to the atmosphere of Aakriti. Events like Mad-Ads, Mono Act, Battle of Bands, Singing and Musical Instruments playing bring out latent talent to the fore. The Technical events like Circuit building and C Programming and Paper presentation paves a platform to illustrate the technical ability and logical thinking. Robowar is splendid event providing opportunity to build, demonstrate and maneuver. Events like photography and Videography add some fun to the mood of Aakriti. Some of the other events worth mentioning are JAM, Quiz and Debate.

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