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Alma Fiesta 2014 - Jan 10 2014 - Jan 12 2014

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IIIT Bhubaneswar Bhubaneswar

  • Intended For: Grad Level
  • Location:Orissa
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Alma Fiesta-The Annual Socio-Cultural Fest of IIT Bhubaneswar, offers an unique and scintillating cultural extravaganza as well as creates awareness of burning social issues among the masses.

Alma Fiesta started it's wonderful journey in the year 2010 and is entitled "The biggest DEBUTANT fest" in India and since then we have never looked back...!!Some of the Unforgettable performances were by... Krishna Beura , Swabhiman Group, Kryptos Band , Dr. Kumar Vishwas , Cynical Recess and many more...Alma Fiesta gives you the finest of opportunities and jam packed platform to show your hidden talent.

In short, Alma Fiesta can be best described as 'The soul of all festivals".

List of events

A. Dramatics Genre

1.Face-off - Stage Play

2.N-circled - Street Play

3.Mute-on - Dumb Charades

B. Dance Genre

1.Topsy Turvy - Group Dance

2.Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi - Duet Dance

3.Rip Out - Solo Dance

4.Street Beats – Free style Dance

C. Music Genre

1.Euphony – Music Band Competition

2.Track the Track – Karaoke


D. Fine Arts Genre

1.Shadez – Pencil sketching and Drawing

2.Maskd – Face Painting

3.Leaf it Up – Leaf Collage

4.Blind Strokes

E. Literary Genre

1.Perspective - Social Case Study

2.Your Honour - Mock Court Room

3.Two-Faced - Speaking for & against of given topic

4.Litspree – Anagrams, Puzzles, etc.

5.Gone in 60 seconds – Speaking on the given topic for 60 seconds without pauses

F. Quizzes

1.Alma Fiesta Youth Quiz – Current affairs and Sports Quiz

2.Bizz Quiz – Business Quiz

Youth Marathon

G. Miscellaneous Events

1.Fame Game – Showcase the talents you are gifted with!

2.Trashcan Novelties – Best with waste

3.Paint Ball

4.Cyber Crusades – Computer Gaming

H. Online Events

1.Krytex – Online Treasure Hunt

2.Photography Competition


4.Video Making

I. Workshops

Salsa Workshop

More workshops to be updated!

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