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Campus Grand Battles - May 10 2015 - May 15 2015

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Dr .B.C. Roy Engineering College, Durgapur (BCREC-D)

  • Intended For: Undergrad Level
  • Location:West Bengal
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Campus Grand Battles

About : Campus Grand Battles

CAMPUS BATTLES is an technical event under various topics designed for college & school students. Here students from different institutes participate in challenegs of this event to show their extra talent. Event is organised at National level including IIT's, IIM's, NIT's and other premier institutes of India. Almost all colleges of India participate in this challenge.

CAMPUS BATTLES is a mega events for engineering and management students. In the 1st Round, all students combat with each other. 5 students are selected for the next round. In 2nd round, the five selected students combat with each other to score a rank for their college. In this round, two colleges with the least ranking will be eliminated and the remaining three will be taken for the final round. In the Final Round, the top 3 ranked colleges will fight for their supremacy of the "CAMPUS THRONE" (which will be given to the winning college). In final round students need to score more higher ranks for their respective colleges to be selected as winner. All the events in different categories will be evaluate with this procedures.

All the Categories and Respective events are :

Web Design : Designing a beautiful looking web page with recent web technologies. (Eg. Web Store)

Content Writing : Technical, Business , Story, Poetry, Humor, Fiction

Photography and Graphics : Logo Designing, Instagram photo editing contests

Programming and coding skills : to develop programs based on questions provided in any of the following languages (c, c++, java, python)

Event Dates : 10th May 2015

Contact Detail : Sumit Kumar Tiwari - Ph: 8389941281E:

Registration Details :

Intermediate Mode : 100 Rs.

Advanced Mode : 300 Rs.

Prize Money: 3 winners will be selected from each category

Intermediate Mode : 1000 Rs.

Advanced Mode : 5000 Rs.

Campus Grand Battles fest by BCREC Durgapur - E-Contest in West Bengal - E-Contest- of Dr .B.C. Roy Engineering College, Durgapur (BCREC-D) - Campus Festivals in India-College Events, Festivals , Cultural and Technical Festivals in India -2015
ISCON 2015 Event Date: 10 Oct 2015 -11 Oct 2015
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