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ELAN, IIT Hyderabad - Jan 18 2013 - Jan 20 2013

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Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad

  • Location:Hyderabad
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Description: In a land far away, with fresh, green, grassy ecosystem, a flock of birds sit in a classroom and admire their new grade sheets. Yes, we are talking about none other than the trendiest creatures in the town, NERDY BIRDS.

ELAN 2013 presents you its new theme, NERDY BIRDS, with an aim to develop a cult-like following amongst a broad range of college students. Enjoy the perfect blend of technology and entertainment. The plethora of events, workshops, pronites and exhibitions would leave you simply in a sense of awe and excitement, an excitement like a forest fire - you can smell it, taste it, and see it from a mile away...

Welcome to the Skeptical World of Nerdy Birds.

About: ELAN is the Annual Technical cum Cultural Festival of IIT Hyderabad.

What is a cultural fest without some culture, color and action. The Cultural, or as we like to call it, the "Culti" domain for Elan, IIT Hyderabad's cultural and technical festival has been working tirelessly right from day one of the last semester to keep the spirit alive and to make it bigger and better than before. The core team of the 'Culti' group along with its enthusiastic volunteers have really worked hard and brain stormed extensively to make sure the standards of Elan 2012 have been bettered and the bar has been set to a whole new level.

This years Elan will have events that will blow you away. The 'Culti' domain has set forth amazing events for participants to showcase their talent. The events will be the largest crowd-pullers in Elan 2013. A total of 17 events from the Cultural domain will span through the three days of Elan majestically entrhralling everyone who encounter it.
Explaining the events will take forever as they are so complex and fun that I may go on forever, but, nevertheless, I will try and give you guys a trailer about what is really going down in the Culti domain events. It sets of with the Dramatics events, and that too an all favorite mono-acting event - "Andaaz Apna Apna". The event gives young budding actors and actresses a stage to perform multiple roles, a stage to express the genius within. The second in the drama events is "Fabulous Fabula" and I can assure you it is as good as the name suggests. This is a stage play. Participants from colleges all across India come geared up and prepared to act out their hearts to spread their message. The Arts events are among the more subtle of the Culti events, attracting a quite crowd of budding Picasso's. The events in this sub-section are, Art Exhibition, Face Painting, Clay Modelling and the 'Mehendi' competitions.
Well as in any fest, the dance events are the ones that the people gather around for. Everyone loves to see the expressions of Bharathnayam or the twist and turn of western music. That is exactly why Elan 2013 has a stock of amazing dance events to dazzle the crowd. The events such as Classical Dance and Musical story-telling through dance show you the more cultural aspect of India where as events like Lose Yourself and Break-free, as the name suggests will just sweep you off your feet. Apart from all these events which you find at every fest, Elan 2013 also has events like photography events where the finest clickers and snappers come about to show off their skills with the shutter. Events such as RJ hunt and DJ wars definitely attracts more people into the vibrant sea of Elan.
You think it's over. No Way! I've saved the best for last. What's a cultural fest without some music and singing. The singing and band events, this everyone has to agree will definitely be the most spectacular of all. Events like Manthan, the Hindi band competition, Elan-E-Jung, rock band competition and Vibrazone, the singing event will literally make you want for more. The tunes played here will linger in your head for a very long time. In all this excitement, all I can say is, celebrate the fiery festival of creative genius and cultural extravaganza at ELAN 2013 with spectacular events lined up for you. So, all you freaks as well as admirers; wait for none, pack up and run... be number one, to join the ultimate fun.
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