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Rhapsody 2014 - Mar 07 2014 - Mar 09 2014

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Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

  • Intended For: Grad Level
  • Location:Uttar Pradesh
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The activities under Rhapsody shall be aimed at the manifestation as well as encouragement of talent across various institutions. A number of events will take place in collaboration with the prominent NGO's from across the country and fraction of the social events will be materialized in their association.

List of events

  • Prayaas - A Social Endeavor

  • Thahake - Kavi Sammelan

  • Extasia - The Dancing Overdose

  • @LANtus - LAN Gaming

  • Glitz - The Fashion Extravaganza

  • Snapshots - Photography Competition

  • Curtain Call - Dramatics

  • Sargam - The Musical Faceoff

  • Symphony - Battle of the Bands

  • Verbosity - The Literary Fest

  • Fundulgence - Filler Events

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