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SYNAPSE 2K13 - Mar 19 2013 - Mar 20 2013

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  • Location:Andhra Pradesh
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The ECE department of CBIT is proud to introduce SYNAPSE’13, A National Level Technical Symposium on the 19th and 20th of March 2013. ECE department takes great pride and privilege in organising SYNAPSE annually on a large scale, where a fine merge of technical and cultural events is beautifully spread on the canvas that showcases latent talents of an individual.
SYNAPSE’13 is a two day fest where papers and posters on various topics are invited, they are scrutinized by a committee of experts and the best are selected for presentation, in addition to this we have a line-up of technical events like Circuit-O-Mania, Electro Link, Technical Quiz, Robot Soccer, All-terrain, project expo, Cultural events like Sing-Off, Nach-Le-Ve, Nautanki, Sporting events like Treasure Hunt, Tour De CBIT, Sathe-Pe-Satta and many more. To add to the festivity we have Dandiya and Cultural Night.
Come, be a part of this SYNAPSE’13 where your ideas are recognized, encouraged and awarded.

Technical Events: Paper Presentations Poster Presentations Project presentations Tech Quiz Circuit (O) Mania ECE (Electronic Cross Empire) Electro-Link Tech & Luck Robotics: ABIDE A LINE(Line Follower) ALL TERRAIN AUTOBOTS ENGAGE(Robo Wars) ROAD RASH ROBO SOCCER Cultural: NAUTANKI SING OFF SUR KSHETRA NACH LE VE NACH LE VE YAARA Informals: SHORT FILM CONTEST YANGRY BIRDS SERIAL O’PEDIA RADIUM CRICKET and many other spot events as well
Synapse 2k13 - National Level Technical Symposium by Dept of ECE fest by CHAITHANYA BHARATHI INSTITUE OF TECHNOLOGY,HYDERABAD - Technology Events in Andhra Pradesh - Technology Events- of CHAITHANYA BHARATHI INSTITUE OF TECHNOLOGY, HYDERABAD - Campus Festivals in India-College Events, Festivals , Cultural and Technical Festivals in India -2013
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