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Techfest, IIT Bombay -3rd Jan to 5th Jan 2013 - Jan 03 2013 - Jan 05 2013

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Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

  • Location:Maharashtra
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Description: The Largest College Technical Festival in Asia, now on Facebook!
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About: Asias Largest Science and Technology Festival organized by the student community of IIT Bombay.
Genral Info:Techfest has been honoured to present eminent personalities such as Sir Harold Kroto (1996 Nobel Laureate), Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam (Honble Ex-President of India) and Dr. John Nash Jr. (Nobel Laureate) and convey their enlightening insights to the common people. Workshops from noted professionals have brought students face to face with the fast emerging technologies along with providing them valuable hands on experience. Exhibitors from all over the world have successfully entertained and carried their techno-savvy displays to the
people, thereby making the young and the old aware of the latest technological advancements. Techfest also catered to all sections of people to get acquainted with technology at O-zone, the fun and lighter side of Techfest.

Apart from these, Techfest has also been able to connect to the common people through various noble initiatives such as India Unmute, an all India campaign to uproot corruption and other social evils, \"Ideate\" which was designed to find solutions to modern day problems faced by India.

Technoholix has been the epicenter of attraction where thousands of students come together to witness the most spectacular forms of cutting edge technological grandeur from across the globe. Previous editions of Techfest saw Laserman (IPL opening ceremony performer), Mark Nizer (worlds best juggler), performances from The Double Dutch Force, Dunking Devils and Cosmic Circles create an electrifying atmosphere at Techfest.

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