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VIBHA 2013 - Apr 09 2013 - Apr 10 2013

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Description: VIBHA13: where the five elements of nature, namely: fire,wind ,sky,water and space clash!!

About: An Intra-college technical fest organized on behalf of ELECTRA, the association of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of SASTRA University
Mission:As we all know that: fire,wind ,sky,water and space are the key elements of power generation since ages. So in VIBHA13 we give you a platform to know and understand more about these elements and come out with new and unique techniques of extracting power out of these!!

Vibha 13 fest by VBIT Hyderabad - Cultural Events in Andhra Pradesh - Cultural Events- of Vignana Bharathi Institute Of Technology (VBIT) Hyderabad - Campus Festivals in India-College Events, Festivals , Cultural and Technical Festivals in India -2013
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