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WSNSWE 2013 - May 23 2013 - May 25 2013

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Recent advances in sensing , computing and communication technologies coupled with the need to continuously monitor physical phenomena have led to the development of Wireless Sensor Networks(WSN). They found suitable for applications such as surveillance, precision agriculture, smart homes, automation ,vehicular traffic management etc. Sensor Web Enablement is a framework initiated by the OGC to implement web accessible sensor network application as open web services. It is an inter- disciplined research area. In recent years started research in this area, in India. The Objective of the workshop is to provide domain knowledge in WSN’s, issues in research and projects in WSN applications like Environmental sensing, Real time Monitoring and particularly bringing out the WSNSWE implementation as a WSNSWE applications , research projects and bringing this subject into academia and industry.

List of events

  • Wireless sensor networksIntroduction, Protocols, and Architectures.

  • WSN Simulation tools and A Simulation tool hands on experience for Implementing protocols and research publications and projects to carry.

  • Sensor Web Enablement-Initiative, OGC Frame work and standards.

  • Implementation of OGC-SWE Open Web Services for sensor networks.

WSNSWE 2013 fest by KL University - Others in Andhra Pradesh - Others- of K L University, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh - Campus Festivals in India-College Events, Festivals , Cultural and Technical Festivals in India -2013
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