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EBlast 2010, ECE dept, Kings College of Engineering, Thanjavur , Sept 8, 2010 - Sep 08 2010 - Sep 08 2010

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Kings College of Engineering Thanjavur

  • Location:Tamil Nadu
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Event: EBlast 2010 Dates: Sept 8, 2010 Organizer: Kings College of Engineering, Thanjavur. EBlast 2010, Kings College Of Engineering, Thanjavur

About EBlast 2010

eBlast'10, National Level Technical Symposium to be held on 8th September 2010 organised by the Association of Electronics and Communication Engineering (AECE).The challenge is to raise new questions and to explore the untouched realms and bounds of technology. Give your imagination a sensible direction and stun us with original project ideas! A battle for the best, awaits you...!

About Kings College of Engineering

Kings College of Engineering is an institution which was formed with the singular aim of providing quality education to the poor and under-privileged students of the region.The Department of ECE has well qualified and experienced staff and it continually updates it's laboratories with modern facilities. The department conducts various seminars periodically. We feel delighted in organizing our fourth National Level Technical Symposium " eBlast " on 8th September 2010.

Event EBlast 2010:
Technical Events that kindles the spirit of young engineers to ameliorate their technical skills.Experience the complete metamorphosis and surmount your technical obscurities.Become erudite engineers and win exciting prizes.
Ad's Up Quiz Ckt Debugging Split Personality Brain Drain paper Presentations A perfect opportunity for all those who are engrossed in researching the dimensions of engineering, science and technology or any other topic under sun Topics (Not Limited to...) Image Processing Intelligent control Satellite communication Embedded System Sensor Networks Nano Computing VLSI Design and Testing Contact For EBlast 2010 Kings College Of Engineering Thanjavur
EBlast 2010 fest by Kings College of Engineering Thanjavur - Technology Events in Thanjavur - Technology Events- of Kings College of Engineering Thanjavur - Campus Festivals in India-College Events, Festivals , Cultural and Technical Festivals in India -2010
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