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Horizons 2009: Annual Management Conclave (IIMK) - Oct 09 2009 - Oct 11 2009

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Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode

  • Location:Kerala
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HORIZONS20091 Organizer: IIMK Date: 9-11 october, 2009 Website:

The global economic scenario in 2008 became bleak with the ripple effect caused by the unabated lending to sub-prime borrowers in the US and the crash of esteemed investment banks. The Indian economy, after an initial period of resistance, could no longer remain immune to the goings-on in other parts of the world. It is now faced with new questions about its economy. Is all the talk of India becoming the next superpower just overhyped or is there some substance to the proposition? Does India possess the wherewithal in core manufacturing and infrastructure to survive a hit on its service sector? The time is probably ripe for refuelling the growth engine with stronger monetary and fiscal measures, disciplined management practices and sustained innovation. The economy will undergo changes in its internal structure and move towards markets and industries that promise more sustainable growth. The opportunity also presents itself to undertake a process of more equitable economic development. Horizons 2009 promises three days of power packed discussions among a gathering of the best industry leaders, academicians, policymakers and management students in the country - showcasing enriching panel discussions and hotly contested debates, throwing up infinite new ideas for everyone, and culminating in providing a definitive direction for bright young business managers to think about and work towards.


Horizons 2009 starts off by analyzing each of these issues threadbare from multiple perspectives and sets a platform of learnings and a framework to be carried forward and built upon.

Horizons 2009, Day 2, attempts to juxtapose diverse practical viewpoints from industry captains, theoretical inputs from academicians, and regulatory inputs from policymakers, to build a holistic view for participants to precipitate understanding and spark critical thinking.

Horizons 2009, Day 3, attempts to explore all this and much more, thus taking the economic debate to the next level. It aims to envisage the new economic order: India 2020 and act as a platform for brainstorming and idea generation by the best.

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