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iBL : Indore B-School League, Indian Institute of Management, Indore - Dec 06 2010 - Jan 12 2011

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IIM Indore

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Event: Indore Business League Dates: IBL v1.o will be launched on December 6, 2010 and will reach a crescendo on January 12, 2011. Organizer: Indian Institute of Management Indore

IBL, IIM Indore About Indore B-School League(IBL-IIM, Indore)

IIM Indore is organizing Indore B-School League (IBL), a Socio-management festival as part of the annual National Youth Conference to mark the momentous occasion of birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. IBL is a first-of-its-kind event in B-School circuit specially designed for the MBA students of the city of Indore. It aims to provide a golden opportunity to future managers of Indore to blend their management learning, leadership qualities and awareness about the socio-economic milieu of the city for addressing its pressing civic and social issues. IBL v1.o, launched on December 8, 2010 and will reach a crescendo on January 11, 2011. The event is open to the top 20 MBA colleges in Indore. Each college will be represented by a team of 10 for the major rounds. The events will broadly comprise of case studies, campaigns, quizzes, puzzles and debates covering areas of Marketing, Finance, Consulting, Human Resource, IT and Operations. The event will be conducted in online format through the website. At the end of 3 weeks, top 5 teams will be selected to compete for the title. The grand finale will be held at IIM Indore.

Events at Indore B-School League (IBL-IIM, Indore)

Fin-Ish is a pecuniary challenge meant to test the financial acumen and astuteness of the contestants. The event is in the form of a Trading Simulation game in which the team with the highest returns at the end will be declared the winner. Mark-I is meant to test the marketing skills of the contestants. The competing teams will launch comprehensive marketing campaigns on the theme of ‘Green Indore’. The most effective campaign will bag the prestigious Mark-I prize. Recruiters-I is a rigorous recruitment process simulation game meant to be as real an HR activity as it could be. The candidates recommended by the contesting teams will be matched with the actual recruits in a real organisation. The closest list wins Recruiters-I! Consult-I is a live consulting project on an NGO. It’s an ultimate challenge asking teams to identify the issues plaguing the organisation, generate alternative solutions for it and propose the best possible under the given circumstances. OpRo-I is an intensive real life case study on the operations part of one of the departments of Indore district administration. The contesting teams need to don the mantle of the project manager of a challenging project who has to plan in a methodical manner the successful execution of the task at hand. Systemat-I is a decisive debate on the potential role of Information and Communication technology (ICT) in governance, meant to harbinger an effective, efficient and transparent administration.

Contacts for Indore B-School League (IBL-IIM, Indore)

Website: Mail : Call us at : 8085232952 - Ankit Parate 8085232933 – Mohit Chandra 8109746594 – Sachin Gupta 9907667548 – Srikanth Mohan

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