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IIT Bombay presents Mood Indigo 2009,The biggest cultural festival in India - Dec 21 2009 - Dec 24 2009

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Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

  • Location:Maharashtra
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MOOD-Indigo-2009 Event Name: Mood Indigo 2009 Event Type: Cultural FestLocation & Organizer: IIT Bombay Website: Intended for : Anyone who want to have fun, masti etc Important Dates: Event Date: 21st to 24th December, 2009 Mood Indigo is the annual cultural festival of IIT Bombay held in December every year. This year it is scheduled to be help on 21 to 24th Dec 2009.The biggest cultural festival in India, MoodI has almost 60000 students from over 500 colleges.There are many innovative competitions as music, dance, dramatics, literary arts, speaking,fine arts. Many fun events,like water sports,workshops, plays, and performances take place round the clock. MoodI boasts of excellent professional nights by artists in various fields. Theme for Mood Indigo 2009 (MI 2009) is Pirates.

Events at Mood Indigo 2009 Workshops @ MI

Mood Indigo brings to you a glowing tribute to the cultural diversity of this planet, a feast for the eyes and a toast to the amazing feats that human race has accomplished. This december, prepare to be dazzled as you see exhibitions that are truly breathtaking and learn stuff that you can brag about. We exhibit some of the most amazing collections, procured from every nook and corner of this world, just for your pleasure. And before they blow you off your feet, try your hands at a workshop. Workshops @ MI are wacky, esoteric affairs that will provide you hands on experience and insider's knowledgde of unique arts and skills. Learn stuff that you have always wanted to do, and while you are at it, flaunt it!

  • Hands on Sessions
  • Exhibitions
  • Art Arena
  • Interactive Sessions
  • Food Festival

Pronunciation: in-f r'mul-s (preferably in a euphoric tone) interjection, noun 1. events not conforming to conventions; out of the box, innovative 2. that which is accompanied by fabulous rewards eg. Mobiles, I pods etc. 3. a platform, which brings together performers and spectators, providing entertainment in myriad forms 4. that which is characterized by absurd, insane, topsy-turvy scheme of things; carrying a touch of surprise and amusement

  • The Aces
  • Race Against Time
  • Public Show
  • Street Skills
  • Sports Informals
  • Crossovers
  • Lounges
Professional Shows at MoodI 09

What is the Neanderthal equivalent of a purple gorilla, a weeded-out sound engineer, and Spider-man s broken femur?Can't crack it? Need some inspiration?Try our Professional Shows at MoodI 09. Featuring the wackiest, weirdest, and undoubtedly the coolest assortment of the world s finest arts, the Professional shows will definitely have something to tickle your funny bone, touch your inner chord, or generally have fun. Engrossing, touching, critically acclaimed, and glorious. Refreshing. Innovative. No number of adjectives is sufficient to convey the grandeur of ProShows. So where we fall short of words, we promise to make up by entertainment. Come experience them at Mood Indigo. And while you are at it, add awesome to the list of adjectives too

  • Pronites
  • International Music Festival
  • Carnival – MI Streets
  • Theatre Fest
  • Shows
  • livewire night
The Competitions

Vital Statistics SIZE: Mammoth, just got bigger than ever DIFFICULTY: Extremely hard, only your best efforts count POPULATION: A heady mix of creativity, innovation and knowledge, a set of events that will blow your minds away PRIZES: Have you heard of anything so huge? PRESTIGE: Won all your battles before, now here is THE war ENTERTAINMENT: Keeps you gripped over 4 days. Caution: May haunt you for a long time too. Beware! The Competitions are here to stay. Get in before they get you!

  • Dance
  • The Glass Slippers - Ballroom Dance
  • Upasana - Indian Classical Dance
  • Road Rage - Street Dance
  • Aao Twist Karein – Duet Bollywood Dance

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Mood Indigo 2009 fest by IIT Bombay - Technology Events in Maharashtra - Technology Events- of Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay - Campus Festivals in India-College Events, Festivals , Cultural and Technical Festivals in India -2009
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