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Phoenix 10, Delhi Technological University (DTU) presents Phoenix 2010, technical fest - Feb 22 2010 - Feb 24 2010

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Delhi Technological University (DTU/ DCE), Delhi

  • Location:Delhi
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Event Name: PHOENIX 2010 Event Type: Technical Festival Location and Organizer : Delhi College of Engineering aka Delhi Technological University, Delhi Website :

Date and Eligibility for Phoenix 2010:

Date: 22-24 feb ,2010

Eligibility: Open to all college or school students.

Details of Phoenix 2010 by DCE, Delhi:
Cryptoverse (Computers)
Do you think you have the wits and the versatility to outsmart the rest? Do you spend your nights thinking algorithms for your code? Do you spend your days in exploiting bugs in your PC? If you answered 'yes', then you are at the perfect place. Here comes the event you have all been waiting for. Fun, excitement, intelligence, loads of prizes and a perfect platform for all young programming enthusiasts from all over the country to showcase their talent and walk away with loads of prizes.
Bugzapper :Debug errors in a given garbled code within the allotted time frame.
Quizzotica :The next exciting technical game to KBC.
Da – Vexing - Code :Desing Code to fulfill the given task.
Electronika (Electronics)
ELECTRONIKA is meant for the electronic geeks only. Wire your logic and dare to flaunt your imagination. This segment provides you with the perfect opportunity to let your knowledge of electronics put to action. This is the place where you make circuits do things you've always wanted them to do.
The platter of sub-events we offer you lets you trudge through the nuances of electronics and uncover your hidden talents. The segment is a compilation of events that intends to put your electronics concepts and ingenuity to trial.
Track-o-mania : Design an autonomous robot which can traverse the maze in the quickest time..
ElectroJunk : Make an electronic utility out of a mixed bag of electronic instruments.
PCB Design : Design PCB's
Crankshaft (Mechanical)
When annihilation reared its ugly head, in his quest for survival man built Noah's Ark. When the possibility of finding life in the far reaches of space beckoned, he built "Pathfinder". All through evolution, whenever questions have been posed, man's intellect has always shined through.This section offers you a basket of mechanical events where innovation has no bound. If you are ready with an amazing idea or you are enthused to find an unparallaled way to solve a problem, you are at the right place.
Mechano :Apply your concepts of mechanics to solve a practical task.
Goal Aim :Design an robot which can carry the ball to the goal post while passing the obstacles present.
Straw –to-tower :Make a design with the straws given to you .
Roboniche (Robotics)
Automated machines are the order of the day. Micro Air Vehicles, space probes and mine detectors are but a few examples of the applications of the ever expanding field of Robotics.
Roboniche is your chance to be a part of this great wave of technology by building your own automated bots. It is a fantastic experience altogether which includes machines inching closer to human skills and garnering artificial intelligence, justifying the fact that we're at a point in history where the transition into the machine era is not very far.
Robo - Rash :Construct a bot that races with the other bot.
Poseidon :Construct an aqua bot that can score as many goals as possible in a tank arena (each colored ball of different points), so as to collect maximum points in a specified amount of time.
Twist the Web (Online Events)
Phoenix 2010 gives you the opportunity to stretch your legs, grab a sandwich, lean on the sofa and have absolutely no restrictions on your participation time as you work your way through our mind boggling puzzles, untraceable crypt hunts and amazing quizzes in Online Events. No pre-registrations, no electronic components, no workshops, no team mates - you just need your brain in place and a sound internet connection to win exciting Cash Prizes and Merchandise at Online Events.
Web Maniax :Design a front page for a website.
Crypt-o-Mania :A Hacker's Paradise. A online ethical hacking.
Whiz Coder :Perfect platform for coder across the globe.
Aesthetique :Desktop Design Competition.
Web Hunt :Online Treasure Hunt.Tech 4 Fun. (Bulls Eye , Lan Gaming)
Tech4Fun (Fun Events)
Bulls eye :Eye the goal and shoot the target with the help of canon provided.
Lan Wars : Lan Gaming Contest
Rolling Stone : Bands Performance inferno (bhopal), nicotine (indore), decibal (delhi)
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