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Utkansh10, NIT- Jalandhar presents Utkansh 2010,Annual Cultural Festival - Jan 01 2010 - Jan 01 2010

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Dr B. R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar (NIT-J)

  • Location:Punjab
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Utkansh 2010

Utkansh'10 -The annual cultural festival of NIT,Jalandhar will be held from 18th-21st March,2010. Be there to witness all the fun.

Since its inception in 2005, this festival has been identified as a convergence of cultures and a confluence of best talents from across the country, showcasing the celebration of the spirit of healthy competition, which we believe, is the essence of true education. Over the years, “Utkansh” has given students a platform to express themselves in the forms of music, dramatics, dancing, photography and more.The potpourri of quirky and creatively stimulating events from the ‘The Red Carpet – Fashion Parade’, ‘La Persona’, ‘Razzmatazz’, ‘NIT-MUN’, ‘Diabolicate (The Devil’s Advocate), ‘NITj Roadies 3.0’, ‘Gatka Evening’, ‘StarNITe’ to ‘Haasya Kavi Sammelan’ promises a scintillating 72 hours of unadulterated edu-tainment [caption id="attachment_1556" align="alignleft" width="107" caption="Official Mascot of Utkansh'10"]Official Mascot of Utkansh'10 Watch out for Utki- The official mascot of Utkansh'10-- He may be somewhere around you [caption id="attachment_1555" align="alignnone" width="590" caption="List of some of the events at Utkansh'10"]List of some of the events at Utkansh'10

The RED Carpet – Fashion Parade

Fashion is about one’s pursuit towards an elegant lifestyle which transcends all languages as it speaks of volumes of ideas without words. What is your idea of fashion ?? The Red Carpet awaits ingenious designers to parade their stunning models in their very own never-seenbefore designs depicting a theme of their choice.

La Persona – Mr & Ms. Utkansh'10

Are you adept at impressing people?? Are you gifted with great stage sense, quick wits and superb body language?? If yes, then we will be happy to crown you Mr & Ms. Utkansh. This event basically rates you on the “cool” index and will test your shrewdness, theatrics and verbal intelligence. This event is phased out over the entire three days of Utkansh and is comprised of various rounds. Points from each round shall be considered while deciding the winners. The exact nature of these rounds shall be explained only at the venue.

RAZZMATAZZ – Theme Based Choreography

The rollicking footwork and sensational coordination is what makes a dance performance truly magical and what adds meaning to the performance is the theme that it depicts. We invite you to stage a musical play with choreographed perfection. Depict a story or a theme through synchronized choreography and music.

NIT-MUN (Model United Nations)

Model United Nations, abbreviated as MUN, is an Academic Simulation of the United Nations aimed at educating the participants about the functioning of the United Nations, issues affecting the world today and familiarizing them with the geopolitics and ideology of various countries. This event is the perfect platform for the youth to reflect and deliberate on topics, which will matter the most to them in the near future.

Incredible Rasse 10

Through this event, we aim to create interest amongst the masses with an online treasure hunt. There will be puzzling and cryptic clues to keep the junta scratching their heads till they reach the end. The event will begin before the fest starts and continue till the end. Lucrative prizes, public appreciation and most importantly self-satisfaction await for the one who shall find the treasure.

NITj Roadies 3.0

A NITj version of the famous MTV show – “Roadies”. Its about raffish elegance and raw stardom!! The entire event is phased out in several rounds testing the participants’ attitude and competitive skills. They will have to perform rigorous tasks to qualify for further rounds. The winner will be the one who can stand the test of time and comes out victorious in the end.

Casino Royale

The scientific study of probability is a modern development. Gambling shows that there has been an interest in quantifying the ideas of probability for millennia, but exact mathematical descriptions of use in those problems only arose much later. Someone has rightly said –“To be great at gambling, you have to be great at mathematics.” We give you this chance to apply your concepts in real time – playing card games like blackjack, poker etc. If you had dreamt of walking down a casino but could never go because you didn’t have any money to bet then this is your chance as we provide you with virtual money. All you have to do is to stand the test of time and earn as much as you can.

Muzhileration – The Battle of the Bands

Muzhileration is a battle of the bands. As they say – “To win you don’t need 5 best musicians but best 5 musicians.”A group effort is amplified if every member sticks to his/her role well and not rule the game single handedly. Hands that can rock the guitars will rule the mob. Lets see if you can do it.

Imagineers (Movie Making Contest)

Imagineers sets a challenge to produce a 15 minute flick that can catch the maximum followers. A selected lot of movies would be screened after a preliminary screening. The winner will be announced based on the judges’ decisions and public voting.

Bhangra and Gidda Competition

One of the most entertaining dance forms of India on display at NITj stage. Swaraag (Voice of Utkansh) Ever wanted to be that voice from Indian Idol who makes the people swoon with his voice? Well, if your answer is yes, you might want to battle it out in this competition and not only win the audience but also take home handsome cash prizes.

Inferno (solo dancing)

You have always known it, but show the world that your singular personality is sufficient to hold the attention of the audience. Come, rock and jive to music and sock in the limelight. Be it classical, tango, freestyle hip hop, jive, break dance, salsa, even bollywood jhatkas or whatever that is your speciality, hold yourself back no more and let yourself unleash on the stage.

Two to tango (duet dancing)

“Left leg aagey aagey.... Right Leg peeche peeche...” Cut the Crap...JUST DO IT...Dude! Can’t do it alone? Feeling too shy?? Then better catch a dance partner....Be it a guy or a gal (2boys/2 girls in one team are also allowed)...It doesn’t matter as your feet do the talking!!


Create the most entertaining and the most original 90 second advertisement.


A special night dedicated to all the dance forms of India. See groups of various regions and ethnic cultures performing their parent dance forms during Utkansh’10 at NITj


In the StarNITe, we have the hindi pop band “Euphoria” who would be spreading their magic over the crowd with their soulful numbers.

Gatka ( The Punjab?s Martial Art)

It is the name of an Indian martial art associated with the Sikhs of the Punjab region. It is a style of stick fighting, with wooden sticks intended to simulate swords. gatka is popular as a sport or sword dance performance art and is often shown during Sikh festivals. The term gatka has sometimes come to be extended to "Sikh martial arts" more generally, including the use of various weapons, more properly called Shastar Vidiya. See this thrilling art live at NITj

Haasya Kavi Sammelan

Arguably the most entertaining event of Utkansh?09 having already experienced the likes of legendary kavi Dr. Kumar Vishwas, this event promises another great night with the another legendary poet of India - Dr Gajendera Solanki.

Magic Show by Christopher James

The world famous magician and illusionist Christopher James from Canada would keep you tossing in your seat as he turns the impossible into possible when gravity loses its significance and furniture flies in thin air.

Dadiya NITe ( A Non – Competitive Mega with Prizes on Offer)

Dandiya is the traditional folk dance form of Vrindavan, India, where it is performed depicting scenes of Holi and lila of Krishna and Radha. Along with Garba, it is the featured dance of Navratri evenings in Western India. Being one of the most popular dance forms of India, it’s going to be a night to remember (especially for couples).

  • Counter Strike 1.6
  • Dota All Stars
  • Cricket 08
  • NFS most wanted
  • Fifa 08
  • 1. Salsa Workshop
  • 2. Free Style Workshop
  • 3. Dandiya Workshop (for NITj students only)
  • 4. Tango Workshop
  • 5. Hip hop Workshop
  • 6. Corporate Ethic Workshop
  • 7. “The Stock Broker” Workshop
For further details:

Chief Convener Utkansh’10, Organizing Committee, Utkansh’10, Student Contingent for Cultural Activities, Dr B R Ambedkar NIT Jalandhar G T Road Byepass, Jalandhar 144011 Email: Visit our official website: for event details for registration & online events. You may also contact any of below core team members of Utkansh'10 for any query related to Utkansh'10 Deepak Jha, Convener Cultural Affairs and UTKANSH 10: +91-9463612675 (<>) Rajnish Bajaj, Coordinator Publicity Committee: +919417596996 (<>) Sanehal Chawla, Coordinator Marketing Committee: +91-98884448449 (<>) Mohan Gupta, Coordinator Marketing Committee: (<>) Anant Mendiratta, Co-coordinator Creativity Team: +91-9779429692 (<>) Debashish Panda, Secretary Utkansh10:+91-9041979106 (<>) Karandeep Nagpal, MArketting Committee:9876735457 (<>) Utkarsh Modi : (<>)

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