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Orientation Programme At IIT-Kanpur

Jul 23, 2013
College News

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

Amid much fanfare the new students were welcomed by the IIT-Kanpur authorities during the orientation programme held in the institute's auditorium on Monday. The orientation programme was held for the students of undergraduate courses.

While the new students were congratulated for becoming part of IIT-Kanpur, they were also administered oath by the IIT-Kanpur authorities for giving their best in both academics and sports. They were also asked to take oath about maintaining the image of the institute. Prof Indranil Manna, Director, IIT-Kanpur addressed the students about the importance of time management and discipline. He also told them to work hard and to enjoy their stay on the beautiful campus.

He further apprised the students about the institute's counseling service which is available round the clock. Prof Manna said that the students who have moved out of their homes for the first time, they will feel nostalgic but it will not take them much time to make new friends and adjust to the institute's routine very soon. The students were also shown a presentation to inform about the campus life and acquaint them with the way the college life.

Source : The Times of India

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