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Mercedes-Benz India visits National Institute of Engineering, Mysore recently | 3 Offers - December 03, 2010

03rd Dec 2010
News Type: General Placement News


Placement News Description
Mercedes-Benz R&D India | National Institute of Engineering, Mysore | 3 Offers

National Institute of Engineering, Mysore News Network
December 3, 2010

Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India(MBRDI) visits NIE, MYSORE

Luxury car manufacturer Mercedes Benz (R&D) has recently visited NIE Mysore for final placement. It was just like dream come true for students of mechanical engineering looking to join one of worlds best luxury car manufacturers.

Offer by the company:


B.Tech (Mech)


CTC- 4.25 LPA

Profile Offered




Placement Process Detail:




Short listing



Written test



Group Discussion


General Topics



Tech + HR



3- Mech

Other Description:

Written Test:

Aptitude + Technical questions:

Total 57 questions in 60 Min

21 aptitude and 36 technical questions


1) All but 9 sheep died among many were left

2) Series and progressions

3) Worm eating the book type questions

4) Implicit questions

5) Questions on simple interest and compound interest

6) 3 questions on permutations and combinations

7) 1 question on basic probability

Technical...... (MOSTLY IT WAS SOM)

1) Bending moment equations

2) Which is more efficient petrol or diesel engine

3) Which is bigger ...inlet valve or exhaust valve? why

4) Which types of welding used for 8 mm thickness metals

5) Co efficient of friction for static or dynamic

6) Stress 0- strain curve related questions like area under the plastic and elastic region

7) How are inertia and dia related for spheres

8) CIM related questions..

9) What is CPM and PERT

10) What is added to high speed steel for strength....ans is molybdenum

11) Manufacturing process questions

12) Questions on rake angle in single point cutting tool

13) Surface area and volume relation of sphere

14) Thermal efficiency questions

15) Problems on centripetal force f= MV2/ r

16) Finding the degree of freedom of set of links

17) Many questions on strength of materials


HR + technical questions

30 minutes for each person.

HR - 1) describe how the day was

2) What are the your strengths and weakness

3) Why does u want to join MERC ...short answer

4) Describe yourself

5) Questions about family background

6) What is the best thing about u which stands out?

Technical questions

1) What are types of of gears used?

2) What are the types of transmission systems used?

3) Questions about Catia

4) Finite element method equations

5) WHAT is EGR and SCR

5) Petrol cycle and diesel cycles explanations

6) Torsion and bending moment questions

7) Cross section related questions or square

8) Shear force and bending moment diagram

9) Write the petrol engine cross section

10) Suspension systems??

11) Where is inertia used in day to day life etc.?

Total -3

We invite comments from selected students for interview experiences as this will help bigger community.

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